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Malta (1/2) - How the Virus affects Students in a small Country

von Next-Normal | Episode 07

The seventh episode of „NextNormal – WeStudy@Home“ is the first one of two episodes featuring Edward De Gabriele and Nicole Galea from KSU (University Students’ Council) in Malta. We learn about the very specific situation and its impact in a small country where most students live with their families and the virus has always felt much closer than in other countries. We talk about mental health, studying in health-related domains and what it’s like to be graduating during these strange times – and there will be more in the next episode of „NextNormal“.

What  is the “NextNormal” of European student life? There will be a time after  the Corona shutdown, and we want to discuss what it should look like.  How can we learn from the digital turn in order to create a better  future for higher education? In our podcast, we are talking to students  and student unions from all over Europe about the “NextNormal” – the  future of higher education beyond Corona. Each episode is dedicated to  one European country. “NextNormal – WeStudy@Home” is a podcast produced  by the NextEducation working group at DHBW Karlsruhe and strongly  supported by ESU.