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Czech Republic - Emergency, Erasmus and Education: new ways of learning

von Next-Normal | Episode 12

One year of „NextNormal – WeStudy@Home“ – many stories and ideas have been shared. For our twelfth episode, we’ve talked to Damir Solak, Jan Bavlovič and Lukáš Lang from Czech Republic, facilitated by SKRVS, the Student Chamber of the Council of HEIs in Czech Republic. Each one of them has studied under very different circumstances in the last year and experienced different ways of higher education teaching and learning whoch we want to discuss: from a teaching student, an Erasmus student and a PhD student working in health emergency services point of view. Together, we talk about different ways of involving students in higher education – and how to do even better in the future.

What  is the “NextNormal” of European student life? There will be a time after  the Corona shutdown, and we want to discuss what it should look like.  How can we learn from the digital turn in order to create a better  future for higher education? In our podcast, we are talking to students  and student unions from all over Europe about the “NextNormal” – the  future of higher education beyond Corona. Each episode is dedicated to  one European country. “NextNormal – WeStudy@Home” is a podcast produced  by the NextEducation working group at DHBW Karlsruhe and strongly  supported by ESU.

0:32 – Introduction
3:29 – the student situation in the last months
5:22 – What does it mean to study?
6:44 – Does studying work right now?
8:58 – Are you being as well prepared as before?
10:25 – Going back to university – how to make sure nobody is left behind?
11:20 – How can students be involved in teaching and learning?
15:20 – mental health
16:22 – Erasmus and emergency service during the shutdown
18:56 – learnings and challenges for the future
20:23 – the university of the future